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Aspen Medical launches 24/7 ambulance services in the USA

Aspen Medical has begun a 24-hour ambulance service in South Texas, USA. The new service was formally launched today, 8 October 2015, by the company’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Glenn Keys AO, and the Australian Capital Territory’s Chief Minister, Andrew Barr MLA.

A fleet of four ambulances are providing transfers within the initial catchment area and from that area to hospitals in San Antonio.  Aspen Medical is planning to extend the operation to other areas of South Texas over the months ahead.

“We are delighted to be formally launching a reliable and affordable ambulance service in South Texas. The service will a positive impact on these communities and will save lives,” said Mr Keys.

Aspen Medical has had offices in San Antonio since 2008. Following a contraction in the oil and gas industry in South Texas Aspen Medical moved quickly to identify a number of counties south of San Antonio that did not have access to timely ambulance and patient transport services.  

“Aspen Medical is a true Canberra success story. As Chief Minister, I’m incredibly proud to see local businesses thriving and enjoying success abroad and Aspen Medical is one of our city’s prime examples of the products and services that Canberra companies can share with the world,” said Mr Barr.

The provision of world class ambulance services is nothing new at Aspen Medical. The company has been operating a private ambulance service across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Gulf region for a number of years.  The company has also supported customers in Australia from the oil and gas, mining and Defence sectors with ambulance services.

In addition to ambulances services the company provides healthcare solutions for Defence forces, the resources sector and Federal and state governments across the globe. Over the past year Aspen Medical has been working on behalf of the Australian, US and UK governments to help stop the spread of Ebola in West Africa.

Pictured (L - R): Peggy Fonseca (Director of Emergency Medical Services - Aspen Medical USA), Chief Minister Andrew Barr MLA, Glenn Keys AO (Executive Chairman and Founder - Aspen Medical)