To demonstrate our commitment to preventing human rights abuses, Aspen Medical has provided a statement in response to the Modern Slavery Act 2022 (Australia). 

This Statement outlines the actions we will take to ensure that the Modern Slavery Act and its principles form part of our strategy, culture and day-to-day operations of the company. Aspen Medical is committed to engaging in collaborative actions to ensure we meet the requirements we have set out in this Statement.

We will use our influence to prevent human rights abuses occurring in the vicinity of our operations and engage in dialogue with stakeholders to promote human rights. We recognise and respect the cultural values, traditions, and beliefs of the communities where we operate, including indigenous peoples consistent with Aspen Medical’s Indigenous Engagement and Participation Policy, the Community and Engagement Policy and the Reconciliation Action Plan.

Aspen Medical will ensure we do not engage in, or condone, forced, compulsory or child labour. Through Our Team, Our People and Child Protection Policy, we will work to ensure that these human rights abuses are not present in our workforce or supply chain. We will implement this approach throughout Aspen Medical’s operations and promote continuous improvement to Human Rights.

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