Aspen Medical draws from its wide range of services to provide flexible responses to complex emergencies.

Our experienced team design and develop solutions quickly, with the ability to deliver them in even the most remote and challenging locations. This includes the deployment of facilities, equipment, staffing, medical evacuation, training, consultancy, environmental and public health services.

Immediately mobilised for emergency medical healthcare

The only commercial organisation in the world accredited by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an Emergency Medical Team for infectious disease outbreaks and trauma surgical operations, Aspen Medical’s skilled, diverse teams ensure successful outcomes.

Drawing on experience responding to emergency medical situations, including support for evacuees in the United Arab Emirates, rapid response Ebola clinics in Sierra Leone, saving lives during the Papua New Guinea Cholera outbreak in 2010, or supporting Australian Defence Force personnel during flood and fire, we understand the challenges associated with disaster response and emergency medical healthcare.

Our teams collaborate with local governments and agencies on the most complex projects, in politically sensitive or geographically challenging environments, following strict medical protocols to provide unparalleled healthcare outcomes.

Our emergency medical healthcare solutions for humanitarian or disaster response includes:

  • Rapid deployment of emergency teams
  • Immediate deployment of state-of-the-art self-sufficient mobile hospital units requiring only mains power or generator on site. Our complete 100-bed mobile is assembled onsite and operational within 72 hours of arrival.
  • Local workforce training to take over from emergency teams or work within Aspen Medical-managed health facilities
  • Aero-medical retrievals or medical evacuations
  • Complete turnkey healthcare solutions of modular hospitals, ambulance control centres, surgical facilities or level 1-4 trauma centres.

    Challenge Accepted | You don't do business with an AK-47

    In this podcast, General Manager Leo Cusack joins Dr Katrina Sanders to explore his extensive experience designing, planning and executing complex projects. In particular, Leo reflects on two of his most complicated assignments - establishing and managing Aspen Medical's Ebola Treatment Centre during the 2014 Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone and executing and operating three trauma field hospitals and maternity units in 2016-17 during the battle for Mosul, Iraq.  

    Urgent response needed?
    We are the only commercial organisation in the world accredited by the WHO as an Emergency Medical Team for infectious disease outbreak management and trauma surgical operations

    Our experienced team are ready to deploy, wherever you need us.

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