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Creating community

03 June 2024

Aspen Medical's Director of Technology and Compliance Ruth Bishop has volunteering in her blood - now she's passing that onto her own family as they support the Rural Fire Service in their community.

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A perfect fit

13 September 2023

Having worked together on Aspen Medical's Reconciliation Action Plan, Luke Platten saw at first hand Steve Jones' work ethic and values. When a mentoring opportunity presented itself through the company's TEACH program, Luke only had one mentor in mind.

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Mentoring is a two-way street

10 August 2023

Aspen Medical's TEACH program links up mentors and mentees from across the business. Despite their considerable experience and expertise, our mentors often learn about themselves in the process, as Chief Technology and Security Officer Sanja Marais found out whilst mentoring Digital Marketing Manager Georgie McWilliam.

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Making a difference at her home away from home

05 July 2023

Aspen Medical Nurse Practitioner Karla Dickson feels just as much at home in the red dust of Karratha’s surrounds, in remote Western Australia, as she does in the hustle and bustle of the capital city. The first is her work base, a modern accommodation village close to a new gas construction project, where she helps make a difference not only for the workers on the project but also in the local community. The second is her home back in Perth, with family.

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Volunteering - it's a logical choice!

03 May 2023

Whilst Magreth De Graaf may not have taken advantage of Aspen Medical's two days of paid volunteer leave yet, instead volunteering in her non-working time, she’s nevertheless impressed by the company's commitment to giving back.

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