Virtual Health – online therapy, health education, and monitoring

We offer a variety of flexible virtual health models of care so that we can provide a higher level of care for our remote and regional clients. These include:


Phone and video consultations, remote patient monitoring, and asynchronous communication (e.g. secure messaging or email) between patients and provider. This includes nurse triage, specialist consultation or treatment by an AHP.


Real-time video conferencing between patients and provider that allows for immediate evaluation and treatment in situations requiring emergency medical intervention.

Remote patient monitoring

Stand-alone technology such as wearables, micro-wearables and sensors to monitor a patients health from afar in order to provide early intervention, preventative care and data insights.

Self-care apps and tools

The use of mobile applications or online tools that allow patients to self-manage conditions by tracking symptoms, accessing educational resources and setting personal health goals.

Health coaching

Using phone or video to connect with healthcare professionals to set and monitor individual or organisational health and wellbeing goals.

Aspen Technology – innovators in technology design and production

Leaders in developing and distributing innovative technology products to support our delivery of world-class healthcare, including apps and wearable devices.

Supporting our clients with:

  • fatigue management  
  • mental health and well-being  
  • heat stress awareness  
  • infectious disease containment  
  • assessing disease symptoms.

Emerging Health Technologies – we see your solution

As a key global player in the health industry, our Technology and Innovation team has experience working in various health settings and seeing solutions and opportunities where others see problems and limitations. We work with you to design the health technology you need when you need it.

We are currently looking to introduction digital therapeutics for diagnosis and treatment based on evidence-based protocols and algorithms, and metaverse health appointments, a telehealth consultation in a virtual meeting room that used virtual reality technology.

We look forward to providing these solutions to our customers in the near future.

Health innovation
Contact our team to discuss our current and emerging health technology solutions.

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