How Aspen Medical helped rebuild Mosul’s healthcare system.

  • The first commercial company in the world contracted by the World Health Organization (WHO) to deliver clinical services.
  • 140 staff from 25 countries worked together to see 47,890 patients and deliver 2,997 babies.
  • A mortality rate of just 0.39% despite dangerous conditions and the traumatic nature of injuries.
  • Three field hospitals established and transitioned to the local Iraqi province Department of Health; operation continues today.

In the battle for Mosul, October 2016 – March 2017, nearly half the casualties were civilians, and attacks destroyed much of the healthcare infrastructure.

The Iraqi Department of Health asked for support from the United Nations and the WHO. Aspen Medical was contracted by the WHO to manage and resource a trauma field hospital and maternity unit.

Over the next 14 months, we opened a further two field trauma hospitals and maternity units. All three successfully transitioned to the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

Leading local cooperation
Aspen Medical adapted processes and procedures to incorporate local resources, infrastructure and knowledge. This ensured a solution that catered to the region both culturally and practically, empowered local medical teams and allowed us to transition out, knowing the facilities would serve the community for years to come.
Supporting our experienced teams
Working in a field hospital is as rewarding as it is challenging. At Aspen Medical, we ensure our teams are mentally and practically prepared and supported in any environment.
Safety while caring
Both staff and patients need to feel safe in a hospital, even a field trauma hospital. We took all possible precautions to keep facilities safe, including location choice, ensuring the facility is self-contained and minimising transport.


ISIL completely destroyed the healthcare infrastructure and now the world has an opportunity to help the long-suffering civilians of Mosul. Working in partnership with other national and international organisations in the region, our collective challenge is to ensure access and availability of a high quality of medical care for those fleeing Western Mosul.
Glenn Keys AO, Executive Chairman and Founder of Aspen Medical
This won’t be a job for the faint-hearted. We are honoured to be a critical part of this international humanitarian response and we look forward to working closely with WHO and the Ninewa Directorate of Health in Iraq.
Bruce Armstrong, Group CEO of Aspen Medical


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