Aspen Medical delivers world-class healthcare with local knowledge and expertise in the PNG. 

Our family-focused, general practice clinic includes a low-dependency day ward and on-site x-ray, pharmaceutical and laboratory capabilities. We provide primary and occupational health services with the ability to conduct minor surgical procedures. 

If a medical emergency develops on-site, we are equipped to stabilise the patient before transporting them to a hospital with adequately staffed clinicians and an accident and emergency department.

We provide all standard general practice primary healthcare treatments with a range of additional services. Our services include: 

  • General Family Medicine and Primary Healthcare
  • on-site x-ray services
  • on-site pathology services
  • on-site pharmacy
  • clinic memberships (Gold, Silver and Blue) for discounts and member-only benefits
  • COVID-19 testing (Molecular Antigen in vitro diagnostic test, utilising an isothermal nucleic acid amplification)
  • rapid diagnostic test with results available in 30 minutes
  • vaccinations (infants to adults)
  • Tuberculosis Quantiferon gold standard 4-tube testing machine
  • on-site 4x4 road ambulance (patient transfer from clinic to hospital)
  • minor incisions and drainage
  • minor trauma services (lacerations and abrasions, uncomplicated fractures)
  • occupational health and pre-employment medicals, including general medical, corporate medical, oil and gas medical, high altitude medical, food handler and seafarer medicals
  • Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America visa medicals (3-panel doctors on site)
  • global aeromedical transfer services from Port Moresby
  • health and wellness education awareness programs and training
  • general workplace health audits
  • MVA and IOD insurance claim medical assessments.

We are 100% compliant with the licensing requirements of all PNG National Health Authorities.

Local opportunities

We are committed to engaging PNG citizens and have a measurable Key Performance Indicator of employing 70% PNG citizens or greater.

Our multidisciplinary workforce comprises of:

  • Remote Medical Officers
  • Senior Medical Officers
  • Search and Rescue Paramedics
  • Paramedics
  • Registered Nurses
  • Health Extension Officers
  • Community health workers
  • administrative specialists
  • finance specialists
  • human resources specialists
  • payroll specialists
  • general operations team members.

We fill our team positions based on our client's unique contractual, operational and clinical requirements. We also ensure to recruit a combination of PNG citizens and expatriates to fill our specialist positions. 

Our workforce is 100% compliant with all PNG Labour and Immigration requirements. All clinical team members employed by Aspen Medical are credentialed and registered with the appropriate local and international authorities. They must also be credentialed with the Aspen Medical Credentialing Committee based in Canberra, Australia.

Aspen Medical has been operating in Papua New Guinea since 2009.

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