Our full-service medical support begins with the design and construction of hospitals and medical facilities.

We offer construction planning, immediate deployment of mobile hospital units, and on-site logistics or management of the final outcome. Aspen Medical is your end-to-end health infrastructure provider.

Hospital construction – designer health facilities

Adhering to the strictest building codes and the highest level of work health and safety on site, we collaborate with local authorities, in line with statutory requirements and per your company policy to design and build the hospital you need.

We understand how medical systems works, but we also understand the importance of consultation. Together we construct a hospital unique to your requirements.

Health and hospital logistics – integrated health procurement

As full-service healthcare providers, we know the importance of reliable health and hospital logistics.

Using our highly skilled agents, assured supplier network and global freight distribution services, we offer integrated procurement and acquisition of medical equipment, consumables, and pharmaceuticals worldwide.

Our Health and Hospital Logistics team can also offer material management services, including inventory control and visibility or maintenance.

Mobile hospital units – deployed and active within 72 hours

Aspen Medical's fleet of mobile modular health units have been made in Australia to withstand some of the harshest environmental conditions. Built with quality materials and furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, our customisable modular units meet or exceed Australian standards and deploy wherever you need them.

Our immediately deployable units are temporary operating theatres, emergency departments, wards, renal dialysis clinics, mortuaries, birthing suites, endoscopy suites, imaging suites and more.

We oversee the delivery, provide familiarisation training and ongoing, timely maintenance services for the duration of your contract.

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We operate across Australia, the UK and Europe, the Middle East, North America, Africa, Asia and the Indo-Pacific region, and employ a workforce of dedicated, experienced and highly trained professionals.

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