For example, this may include providing submissions to, and testifying before parliamentary inquiries.

  • Aspen Medical avails itself of legitimate and reasonable opportunities to engage with political and government stakeholders. We believe that, when conducted in an ethical, legal and transparent manner, public policy engagement is an important and appropriate role for companies in open societies.
  • Aspen Medical will ensure that it complies with the funding and disclosure requirements of the Commonwealth Electoral Act and the guidelines of the Australian Electoral Commission.
  • Aspen Medical does not provide cash donations to political parties. However, it actively engages in policy discussions with political parties, which may include attending conferences, policy workshops, round table discussions and other opportunities. Aspen Medical may pay a fee for the attendance of representatives at such events, and this may include a political fund-raising component.
  • Other principles Aspen Medical abides by in respect to payments to political parties:

    No gifts, money, items or services are offered or given directly to candidates.
    Aspen Medical will not make direct campaign funding donations to either individuals or political parties.
    From time to time, Aspen Medical may sponsor events which provide an opportunity to hear from or engage with political stakeholders.
    Aspen Medical will seek access across the political spectrum in a bipartisan manner.

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