Recent media articles around the Ruby Princess have misreported our role on board the vessel. For clarity and with the agreement of our client Australian Border Force (ABF) and key stakeholders in the operation, NSW Health and NSW Police, we advise the following:

Aspen Medical provides a multidisciplinary team that:

  • reports to ABF but acts collaboratively with all key stakeholders
  • provides ongoing advice on isolation and quarantine services, Communicable Diseases and COVID-19 management/testing etc
  • establishes and implements strict and robust infection control and isolation protocols
  • provides training, education and advice to all key stakeholders
  • supplements the onboard medical crews through the provision of advice and second opinion only
  • conducts daily health monitoring of crew members isolated within their cabins. Health checks consist of a temperature check & COVID-19 symptom check list
  • conducts ‘as required testing’ in adherence with NSW Health protocols
  • provides Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) for Aspen Medical personnel and supplementation of PPE for other key stakeholders where possible
  • liaises with all key stakeholders
  • provides daily reports to our client ABF
  • ensures that all personnel boarding and disembarking the vessel adhere to strict donning and doffing protocols
  • provides high-level supervision of contracted services to ensure compliance with isolation, quarantine and health and safety protocols.  

Aspen Medical is not responsible for::

  • providing any medical care – Carnival Medical Teams manage the medical care of their crew on the vessel and NSW Health will manage the medical care of any crew member deemed to unwell to remain on the vessel. The Carnival Medical Team liaises directly with NSW Health. NSW Health determines the ‘medical status’ of the unwell crew member. Aspen Medical is provided updates and is notified of any pending MEDIVACS from the vessel.

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