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Mobile Health Unit delivers results at Gladstone Hospital, QLD

Our expandable Mobile Health Unit (MHU) has been leased to Gladstone Hospital in Queensland to ensure that the hospital’s perioperative staff and local equipment are utilised whilst the hospital Operating Rooms are undergoing a capital works refurbishment program. 

The first procedures at the MHU saw three healthy babies born, with significant volumes of care delivered to Gladstone residents since the MSU commenced operations a number of weeks ago.

The supply of the MHU to Gladstone has ensured that patient safety and clinical services can be maintained whilst the local facility is being refurbished – the alternative was to lease Operating Rooms at a neighbouring hospital which would have necessitated patient transport between facilities via ambulance, disrupting ambulance services and inconveniencing patients. The MHU is situated on site at Gladstone Hospital and readily accessible without the need for additional transport services.

Glenn Keys AO, Executive Chairman and Founder of Aspen Medical, said, “Our MHU has previously served the AFP and ADF personnel in the Solomon Islands. ‘Lorna’, as she is affectionately known, has been refurbished specifically for Gladstone Hospital and we were delighted to hear that in her first week on site three healthy babies were delivered. That was a fitting start to her new career providing surgical capability wherever it is needed across Australia. We’re equally delighted with the positive feedback from the surgical teams working in the MHU.”

We provided all services in the delivery of the MHU - logistics, transport, set up, testing and project management.  Maintenance schedules are also included, however, the MHU is low maintenance once set up. Training for local hospital engineering staff is provided to ensure medical gas, water and waste supplies are provided and maintained during the period of lease to the site.

We are the only provider and operator of mobile surgical facilities in Australia and has been operating MHUs for over a decade.