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Aspen Medical Wins Innovation Champion Award 2013

Aspen Medical was awarded the title of Innovation Champion 2013 by Adelaide Research & Innovation at a ceremony held on Friday 25th October in Adelaide.  The award, collected by Aspen Medicals' Commercial Director, Grant Matthews, recognised the company’s pioneering work in developing modelling tools to better assist decision making in the provision of Aero-Medical Evacuation (AME) services across the country’s Oil & Gas industry. 

Being able to accurately plan in advance for the volume of their medical needs, aviation assets, infrastructure and equipment has become an essential ingredient to ensure continued improvement to patient outcomes and in some cases, patient survival.

We contracted the University of Adelaide's Mathematical Modelling team to develop new software - Predictive Modelling Decision-Making Tool - which primarily assesses at what point there might be insufficient aviation and medical assets, air crew, medical crew, infrastructure etc. to meet a patient requirement for evacuation and therefore have significant impact on the patient’s health outcome. The software modelling tool takes into account a large range of variable factors such as air crew duty limitations, inclement weather, parallel and serial AME tasking, aircraft scheduled and unscheduled maintenance etc. to assist in predicting the requirement for Aspen to increase its aviation and medical asset pool to accommodate the growth on the NW Shelf of West Australia.

According to Glenn Keys AO, Executive Chairman of Aspen Medical: “We pride ourselves on being an innovative company.  Our clients expect us to meet their complex healthcare requirements in the remote, challenging and under-resourced environments within which they operate.  This latest addition to our offering marks us out as the leader in the field of providing AME services not only in Australia but globally.  At least one multinational Oil & Gas company has declared our modelling tool to be ‘certainly the best [they] have ever seen’.  We would like to thank the team at the University of Adelaide’s Mathematical Modelling department for the contribution to this benchmark tool.  We certainly won’t be resting on our laurels as we are already working with the team at the University to enhance the software even further.”

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