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Aspen Medical reaches agreement with Zhejiang Medical and Health Group to support the expansion of medical facilities and services in the Chinese province

Aspen Medical has signed an agreement to assist the Zhejiang Medical and Health Group (ZMH) in achieving its goals over the next five years, most notably its goal of expanding and strategically developing a best-in-class hospital and community care network throughout the province of Zhejiang.

Aspen Medical will collaborate with ZMH to enhance the rehabilitation service capability and aged care services in hospitals and community clinics ensuring commonality of clinical delivery standards across facilities.  The company will also develop and deliver applied clinical training to medical and nursing personnel within the hospitals and clinics which complements their current training and qualifications.  Aspen Medical will work closely with ZMH to develop new and innovative solutions for delivering medical services.

Glenn Keys AO, Executive Chairman and Founder of Aspen Medical, said “We are very excited and honoured to be collaborating with Zhejiang Medical and Health Group.  We look forward to bringing the lessons learnt from the Australian healthcare system, our work with the NHS in the UK and from elsewhere around the globe to provide the guidance and support needed for ZMH to establish a benchmark of healthcare quality and service in the province.”

Mr Dongquan Zhang, General Manager of ZMH, said “This is our first international strategic alliance and are expecting strong support from Aspen Medical in terms of innovative medical solutions to assist in establishing long-term benefits for the province.”

ZMH has identified a requirement to improve the flow and efficiency of medical services being provided to the 55 million residents of Zhejiang province. 

“ZMH is seeking to improve the way healthcare is managed through a clearly defined and supported process.  Through this method, they wish to establish a broad triage process from pre-primary care, primary care, secondary care and tertiary care so that each tier of healthcare delivery is delivered in the most efficient manner,” said Mr Keys.

ZMH is seeking to expand the capacity of their current hospitals from the existing 1,700 bed spaces to between 3,500 – 4,000 bed spaces within the next three years.  ZMH is also seeking to build 80 - 100 primary clinics within the province. 


Image: Aspen Medical Co-Executive Chairman Glenn Keys AO (left) with Mr Dongquan Zhang, General Manager of ZMH at the signing ceremony.