Aspen Medical has been recognised as being amongst the companies creating the most positive overall impact on its customers based on an independent, comprehensive assessment by the global non-profit B Lab.

We've been honoured in the Best For Customers list, which includes businesses that earned a Customer score in the top 10 percent of more than 2,400 Certified B Corporations across 150 industries in 50 countries. Honourees scoring in the top 10 percent set a gold standard for the high impact the business as a force for good can make on consumers around the world.

The full assessment measures a company’s impact on its team, community, customers and environment. To certify as a B Corporation, companies must complete the full assessment and have their answers verified by B Lab.

The Customer portion of the B Impact Assessment measures the impact a company has on its customers by focussing on whether a company sells products or services that promote public benefit and if the products/services are targeted toward serving underserved populations. 

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We operate across Australia, the UK and Europe, the Middle East, North America, Africa, Asia and the Indo-Pacific region, and employ a workforce of dedicated, experienced and highly trained professionals.

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