Since 2014, the Aspen Medical Foundation has partnered with Malpa to fund the Young Doctors Program. Inspired by the Ngangkari, the traditional Aboriginal healers of Central Australia, this initiative aims to teach healing skills to young children, preserving ancient wisdom whilst incorporating modern health practices.

The program employs respected community members to teach traditional and modern health practices to Indigenous and non-Indigenous children. These children become health leaders in their community, combining ancient wisdom with contemporary knowledge. The program has been successfully implemented in schools across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and most recently in Adelaide.

In June 2023, Elizabeth Grove Primary School in Adelaide joined the project. The partnership with Malpa aims to provide Indigenous youth with culturally specific health education. The 15-week program, involving 15 students from years 3 to 6, introduces new health topics each week, emphasising cultural understanding and community connection.

The aims:
  • preserve and pass on traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healing practices
  • teach contemporary health practices alongside traditional methods
  • empower children to become health leaders in their communities
  • enhance health education through culturally specific solutions
  • strengthen cultural ties and community connections
  • promote understanding and respect for Indigenous culture among all participants.
Students learning traditional and modern health practices
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