The Aspen Medical Foundation partnered with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) to establish the Lung Cancer Screening Centre of Excellence (LUSCE), the world’s first mobile multiplatform lung cancer research facility. Based in Queensland, this project aims to transform lung cancer detection and bring advanced screening to rural and regional communities.

The facility aims to discover earlier and more effective ways to detect lung cancer. In addition to using CT scans, LUSCE investigates innovative techniques such as analysing biomarkers in exhaled breath and blood samples. These methods could significantly improve early diagnosis, especially in remote areas with limited healthcare access.

By journeying through rural and regional Queensland, LUSCE seeks to provide cutting-edge lung cancer screening to Indigenous communities that often go underserved.

The aim: 
  • develop and implement earlier methods for detecting lung cancer
  • research various detection methods, including CT scans, biomarkers in exhaled breath, and blood samples
  • bridge the gap between remote communities and cutting-edge medical research and technology
  • enhance community health by providing access to lung cancer screening and early detection services.
ACRF 3D render of the world’s first mobile multi-platform lung cancer research facility
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