Veteran-owned and managed Aspen Medical is partnering with Hawaii Native Corporation, Dawson, to provide telehealth services to Defence personnel facing mental health challenges across the United States.

Aspen Medical has two decades of experience working with Defence personnel around the world in support of the US, NATO, and allied nations.

With 17 veterans taking their lives every day in the U.S. through suicide this tragic fact highlights the critical need to address this issue with a major shift in strategy. The new 24/7/365 service will employ psychiatrists, psychologists, and specialised counselors to provide a confidential, on-demand support system to assist our service personnel through their mental health challenges.

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Aspen Medical USA Vice President, Ethan Bond said: “We understand that addressing this issue means overcoming the many challenges that our service personnel face, from perceived stigma from friends and colleagues to a lack of access to timely professional help and bureaucratic hurdles to navigate in order to receive the care that they need and deserve.

“Whilst there has always been a hotline for those experiencing suicidal thoughts, this new service, in partnership with Dawson, aims to provide full case management. We can work with Defence personnel before it gets to that stage, and help them through any mental health challenges, at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.”

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