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Aspen Medical donates equipment to the National Referral Hospital in Solomon Islands

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THE National Referral Hospital (NRH) received donated health equipment from Aspen Medical who had been providing health support to the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) at GRB, Henderson.

NRH Medical Superintendent, Dr Rooney Jagilly, received the equipment on behalf of the hospital.

“We are happy to support the NRH with this equipment as it will serve the people of this country,” Anna Mercieca In-Country Manager of Aspen Medical said.

She added Aspen Medical supported RAMSI in all aspects of healthcare for the past 14 years and during that time Aspen Medical has been working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the National Referral Hospital providing support upon requests from RAMSI, in particular in the area of aero-medical evacuation of Solomon Islands nationals throughout the provinces.

“Through our collaboration in the Solomon Islands we have witnessed the growth of the country and in some cases we have identified areas of need whereby we can assist,” Ms Mercieca said.

She explained the donation of the equipment will assist the health ministry filling a need where the equipment can be utilised to best meet the needs of the people of the Solomon Islands.

She said they will be providing a wide range of medical hardware from specialist emergency and ward beds through to much needed dressing and patient treatment trolleys and other ancillary medical hardware.

“The importance of this equipment is to fill a need where the equipment can be utilised immediately in the hospital and as such would enable the Government to spend money on other items in need for the hospital,” she said.

Ms Mercieca said that all equipment is currently owned by Aspen Medical.

“All of the equipment is of the highest standard. The equipment utilised by Aspen Medical is required to meet Australian clinical standards. Additionally, the usage rate of the equipment was minimal and as such is near new.”

She added the NRH has its own equipment maintenance schedule and as such this equipment will be added to that schedule in order to maintain its continued serviceability.

“It is our pleasure and privilege to be in a position to be able to donate such a substantial amount of equipment to the NRH and to the people of the Solomon Islands.

“Over the past 14 years Aspen Medical has formed an unbreakable bond and friendship with the people of the Solomon Islands,” she said.

“We are very proud to say that we have been responsible for the lifesaving treatment of hundreds of Solomon Island Nationals through our actions in RAMSI initiated Aeromedical Evacuation rescues throughout the years.

“Additionally, Aspen Medical is looking forward to continuing their relationship with the people of Solomon Islands by providing world class health care into the future.

“We have a great desire to see the prosperity and increased capability in health service delivery to the people of the Solomon Islands and it is our hope that this donation will contribute to that.”

Dr Jagilly said that indeed the equipment are blessing to the NRH.

“I would like to thank Aspen Medical for the kind donation that will add to provide quality service for the people in this country”, he said.

“Thank you very much Aspen Medical for the donations, we really appreciate that.”


Pictured (L - R): Leslie Wigfull - Logistics Manager (Aspen Medical), Dr Rooney Jagilly (NRH), Anna Mercieca - In Country Manager (Aspen Medical). 

Words: Lesley Sanga, Solomon Star, 12 July 2017.