Aspen Medical has welcomed the decision that all laboratory tests and radiology examinations from healthcare facilities in the western division, that were previously sent to private diagnostic facilities, should be directed to Lautoka Hospital for analysis and results. This new process is effective immediately.

Local healthcare facilities will retain the capacity to perform on-site laboratory tests that fall within their expertise. Specialised and complex diagnostic tests will be channelled to Lautoka Hospital, offering patients a comprehensive and centralised approach.

Aspen Medical's CEO in Fiji, Gavin Whiteside said, “Lautoka and Ba Hospitals have undertaken significant expansions in their testing and analytical capabilities to meet the heightened demand arising from this initiative. Patients can expect swift and precise diagnostics within these state-of-the-art facilities.

“This decision by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is a positive reflection on our upgraded laboratory facilities and expert team. We thank the Ministry for the confidence it has shown in Aspen Medical. Our commitment to advancing healthcare services remains steadfast, and we are excited about the collaborative potential this partnership represents.”


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