Every day, every week, and every year, Shamiso Rahman deals with new challenges. He thrives on them and the satisfaction that rising to those challenges brings.

As an Operations Manager for Aspen Medical, Shamiso puts the contracts between the company and clients into operation. This can be the provision of medical personnel, and logistics which include medications, equipment, and consumables.

‘I love the dynamic environment in which I work’, he says. ‘I also implement current company frameworks and develop new policy frameworks, along with business processes to support commercial viability.’

The crux of operations management is to oversight Contract Managers and Project Managers in their problem-solving, ensuring that expectations are met, as Shamiso constantly monitors and reviews vital elements such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), legislation, and strategic objectives.

While it may all sound a little dry on paper, this is very much a job for someone who’s a ‘people person.’

Says Shamiso, ‘I’m constantly engaging with different departments here at Aspen, from Finance to Clinical Services Delivery, and Culture and Performance (previously known as Human Resources).

Aspen Medical’s clients include the maritime sector of the Commonwealth government, the Department of Defence, and mining and resource companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Shamiso’s background is a bonus. As a member of the infantry in the Australian Army for 15 years, he had multiple APAC engagements.

‘I medically retired from the army due to physical injury. You can only push your body at that level for so long.’

Those years in the forces taught him useful skills for his current position. These include adapting to rapidly changing situations.

So, he’s prepared for the unexpected. ‘At Aspen Medical, we have a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workforce and we had to manage that workforce when COVID hit, flying our frontline clinical team interstate around COVID travel restrictions, dealing with quarantine regulations, as well as the actual health safety threat posed by the virus.’

Shamiso believes that Aspen Medical’s reputation of clinical excellence, in both the public and private sectors, comes down to ‘the professionalism of the people we recruit, whether this be frontline clinicians or project management team members.’

He’s impressed that the company has a strong culture of social responsibility. ‘In whatever we do, we’re looking to create positive changes in the community. That’s the crux of it and that’s what attracted me to the business.’

His Army background provides him with the motivation and know-how in finding solutions when managing operations in austere situations. ‘In Australia and overseas, we work in remote, geographically isolated, and culturally diverse areas. You need to have a cultural lens as well as a business perspective.’

Shamiso spent three months in Papua New Guinea as a Project

Manager where travel was sometimes limited because of the nature of the terrain. Land travel may not be possible.  ‘Sometimes we may be restricted to air and sea. Inclement weather is also a factor when deploying our medical team.’  

Shamiso’s Army training – in far North Queensland - and experience – in places such as Afghanistan -  was helpful in managing Aspen Medical’s Primary Health and Emergency Response in PNG.

‘And if you know another language, that can be very helpful for the work you do at Aspen Medical,’ he says.

‘At the end of the day, in my work, you need to be a people person and also someone who can bridge across cultural gaps.

‘I get a sense of achievement with what the company’s asked from me, and what I’ve delivered. I’m that type of person. I’m always looking for the next challenge. It’s a good fit.

‘If you enjoy constant challenges and a bit of adversity, then this is the job for you.’

Interested in a job like this?

According to Shamiso, working in Contract/Project Management, you will have:

  • a positive attitude and lots of initiative
  • the skills to communicate with the client, your peers, and senior management
  • resilience
  • agility; able to adapt to the changing situation and also agility in your thinking
  • a calm attitude when under pressure

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