Mel Broers loves throwing money around. In fact, she says it’s one of her greatest joys in life.

But it’s not her money. And it’s all going towards good causes.

‘I work in a new role at Aspen Medical, one that’s turned out to be my dream job,’ says Mel. ‘I’m the Social Purpose Co-ordinator and do many things, from working with the board of the Aspen Foundation to looking at Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Glenn Keys AO, Aspen Medical’s founder and Executive Chair, created the Aspen Foundation in 2010 in order to give back to the communities in which Aspen Medical most frequently works.

Targeting remote Australian communities, its aim is to reduce or eliminate key diseases and illnesses while providing education to improve health practices.

A registered charity, the Aspen Foundation is a member of Philanthropy Australia.

Mel runs their scholarship programme and, since she started in her new position in September 2022, she’s increased the number of those scholarships from three to ten.

Valued at $12,000, they’re available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to use towards their HECS fees, university accommodation, and textbooks.

‘The majority of these recipients are nurses and midwives, studying at universities in Canberra, Newcastle and Brisbane. Such a scholarship makes a real difference to them, especially for those from remote areas,’ says Mel.

A long-time Aspen Medical employee, Mel’s last positions were in Culture and Performance (previously known as Human Resources) and as Project Officer in the Operations team. She also worked for Aspen Medical in West Africa during the Ebola Outbreak in 2014-2015. She’s back on board after maternity leave and brings a wealth of experience to her current role.

‘After 12 months off, it can be hard to return to work so I’m thankful Aspen Medical is very flexible.

‘I work part-time now, so my husband and I can share the parental responsibilities for our two children.

‘On Mondays, I’ll travel for an hour from Yass, where we live, to work in the Canberra office.

‘Being able to work from home for two of my three workdays allows me to have a more balanced life. I’m able to exercise at Boot Camp one morning, and I’m less tired and more productive in my work when there’s no commuting time.

‘I find I can get more done at home than in the office.'

Mel believes strongly in living a life of social purpose. ‘I’ve always had an interest in philanthropy. My mother, and now my husband, both joke about how I’d never have a dollar if someone else didn’t.  I’d always give my money away to charity. Now, with Aspen Medical, I see what can be done. It’s such a good fit for me.’

While Mel may sometimes be disheartened by certain situations, she’s uplifted by what can be done to help.

‘It’s incredible that children in indigenous communities in a country such as Australia are contracting Acute Rheumatic Fever. That’s a potentially fatal condition. We’ve partnered with Take Heart with the aim of ending this by 2030.

‘We also give money to women’s refuges, for women escaping from domestic violence.’

Mel works with current corporate partners - such as the Malpa Young Doctors Program and the Australian Cancer Council Research Foundation - as well as looking for new corporate partnerships.

And social responsibility starts at home.

‘Part of my role is communicating corporate social responsibility to employees. Aspen Medical supports the causes our staff select and will match the donations raised. We’ve had an RSPCA Cup Cake Day and Movember fundraisers.’

‘Hands down, this is the best job I’ve had. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do, trying to make the world a better place. ‘

Interested in a job like this?

According to Mel, working in Social Purpose, you need to:

  • live a life of social purpose and want to make the world a better place
  • be a people person
  • be a good communicator
  • be a good organiser

For more information about joining Aspen Medical’s team, email our Recruitment team.    

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