6 September 2022
He’s not a vampire but Aspen Medical Sales Manager Tauhid Islam says he works ‘within the lifeblood of the organisation’, as he and his team are responsible for bringing in the revenue.

Aspen Medical’s diverse range includes the provision of health technology, advisory services, and modular health infrastructure. Tauhid works on many different projects with existing clients while also generating new clients and business.

'As a healthcare provider, we’re strategic about who we approach and we tap into professional networks. My job’s exciting and I’m never bored. It’s all about looking for new opportunities and growth.

‘We’ve provided a mobile operating theatre on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait during hospital renovations. We started manufacturing our own masks and reached out to companies to supply these, and rapid-antigen tests, to help them manage the COVID-19 outbreak.’

In addition to one-off projects, Tauhid also finds long-term contracts so as to consolidate revenue. At the height of COVID, for example, he provided smart badge contact tracing technology for a gold-mining operation in Papua New Guinea.

‘This allowed our customer to accurately identify the close contacts of a COVID-infected individual. I then suggested the use of our Advisory Services team for recommendations on reviewing processes and improving protocols.’ Over a few months of work, Tauhid went from a single project to  several ongoing contracts.

Surprisingly you don’t need to be an extrovert in order to be successful in Sales.

‘Growing up, I was a diehard introvert’ – and nor or do you need a Sales background.  ‘But a relentless drive to succeed is a must,’ says Tauhid.

With an unlikely background in chemical engineering, from Dhaka, Bangladesh, he loved the sales aspect of his engineering studies in Sydney. ‘It became my passion and I’ve never looked back.

After working for companies ranging from Achieva Agents to Australia Post, he found a position in healthcare delivery at Aspen Medical. ‘I may not have had experience in the healthcare industry but I had tenacity, perseverance, and a willingness to learn. As a go-getter, I saw Aspen Medical as a company with a great culture where I could thrive.’

And thrive he did, promoted to Sales Manager before his six-month probationary period as Business Development Manager ended.

Tauhid and his team work on projects within Australia and the Pacific. He’s based in Aspen Medical’s Canberra  office three days a week and then spends two days in Sydney, including working from the family home on Friday.

His mantra is ‘hungry, humble and smart.’ He says, ‘I’m looking for high-performing, driven and enthusiastic individuals, those who think outside the box.’

Interested in a job like this?

According to Tauhid, to work in Sales, you need to be:

  • a good communicator
  • a self-starter and self-motivator
  • a good time manager
  • a strategic planner
  • disciplined, in order to get results
  • an excellent networker
  • able to invest time and effort in understanding the client’s requirements

For more information about joining Aspen Medical’s Sales team, email our Recruitment team.

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