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Health Logistics

Over the past two decades, Aspen Medical has developed a rapid response, agile, high-quality, multi-disciplinary global health logistics capability. This capability delivers and sustains patients, medical practitioners, medical supplies and equipment, wherever it’s needed across the globe. 

Through this health logistics capability, Aspen Medical can offer flexible and scalable medical equipment, consumables and pharmaceuticals supplies, and a timely end-to-end distribution system for these supplies and the deployment of medical professionals to the point of care to meet health need.

Our health logistics also offers detailed planning for the procurement and movement of medical supplies, medical professionals and patients across the total health solution including the coordination across a multitude of clinical requirements and nodes.

Underpinned by a network of highly-skilled agents and assured suppliers, our global hub and spoke health logistic operations provide reach to support any health solution. Aspen Medical has warehouses in Australia and the Gulf region, providing hubs for domestic and regional reach. Agents  in the USA, UK, UAE, Indonesia, PNG and Fiji generate spokes with regional and continental reach.

Aspen Medical's Ebola Treatment Centre in Sierra Leone
What We Can do
  • Integrated procurement and acquisition management solutions
  • Materiel management including inventory control and visibility, and maintenance
  • Global freight distribution services 
  • Detailed planning and coordination to meet client priorities
  • Develop practical and innovative solutions to solve any health problem
  • Rapid and responsive service in fulfilling all medical equipment, medical consumables and pharmaceuticals demands from our assured supplier network