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Primary Healthcare

Aspen Medical provides Primary Healthcare services across the Oil & Gas, Mining & Resources, Defence, Government and Humanitarian sectors. Innovative and pioneering use of primary healthcare professionals has brought cost-effective solutions to clients across the globe, particularly those facing remote, challenging or under-resourced environments.

Our robust and comprehensive credentialing process ensures that we provide the very best primary healthcare professionals to our clients. With an established expertise working in remote, challenging or under-resourced environments we have become a leader in providing healthcare solutions in the Oil & Gas and Mining & Resources sectors across Australia. We deliver multi-site primary healthcare to clients whose infrastructure stretches for hundreds of kilometres on a single investment project.  

Within Defence we deliver primary healthcare, amongst other health services, to 80,000 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel at 52 bases across Australia (we are subcontracted by Medibank Health Solutions to provide on-base health services to the ADF). We also provide primary healthcare to the ADF on overseas missions, such as the Regional Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI).  

Within the Government sector we provide primary healthcare solutions to a range of Federal Departments including Customs & Immigration and the Department of Health & Ageing (DoHA). The Nursing & Allied Health Rural Locum Service (NAHRLS) is managed by Aspen Medical on behalf of DoHA. In Australia's Northern Territory (NT) we work with the State Government provide primary healthcare in remote Indigenous communities through the Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC).


What We Can do
  • Provision of primary healthcare services in any setting
  • Cost-effective and innovative solutions
  • Flexible solutions
  • Recruiting and credentialing of GPs
  • Recruitment and credentialing of Nurses
  • Recruitment and credentialing of Paramedics
  • Rapid deployment of primary healthcare professionals