All clinical health professionals need to be credentialed in order to accept a role with Aspen Medical. We credential you up front so that you can skip this step once an opportunity you’re interested in becomes available.


Your credentialing application is your chance to shine so make sure you provide as much information as possible. Highlight your academic achievements, professional development commitments, any other training or specialisation you have attained and anything that makes you the fantastic talent we want.

You'll need to supply your qualifications, details of your experience and professional standing so that we can confirm your competence and suitability for a role with one of our clients. Once received, we'll confirm the information with relevant organisations and bodies.

Aspen Medical has a credentialing team dedicated to supporting you through the process, which can take up to 4-weeks. We’ll let you know the outcome of your application in writing.   

Although credentialing doesn’t guarantee you a job, it will last three years and make you eligible for any roles that become available.


Now that you’re credentialed, our recruitment team can begin matching you to our diverse range of opportunities. We might have a great match now or it might be sooneither way, you’re in the best position to be matched to an exciting new role with us.


Once we have matched you with a job, we’ll contact you to discuss the role, assess your fit and answer any questions you may have about the opportunity.

There are new job opportunities regularly created across Aspen Medical. Get credentialed today to be kept up to date with the latest.


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