Join our team to deliver top-tier clinical services spanning different projects, locations and environments. 

We highly value your expertise in a range of healthcare roles. As part of our team, you will enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • enhancing your clinical skills through solving problems and making independent decisions
  • experiencing daily variety and flexibility in your role, with the option to switch locations or positions within the organisation to suit your needs
  • supporting your desired work-life balance through diverse roles that allow you to unwind after shifts, work rotationally, or telecommute.
  • receiving ongoing motivation and support to maintain and enhance your clinical skills
  • benefiting from the support of fellow clinicians, managers, and administrative colleagues
  • accessing to paid training and leave to develop your skills, alongside other additional financial benefits
  • ensuring your wellbeing and safety, even in regional, rural or remote-based roles.



Your credentialing application is your chance to showcase your exceptional skills. At Aspen Medical, we take pride in providing high-quality health professionals. To maintain this standard, we credential all clinicians joining our team, ensuring only the best deliver our services.

Our credentialing remains valid for three years and enables you to be eligible for other roles within Aspen Medical that become available during that time. 

Our credentialing application is a three-step process. 

Step one

When you begin your credentialing application, ensure you provide all relevant information upfront, including:

  • your academic achievements 
  • professional development commitments 
  • additional training 
  • specialisations
  • evidence of your identity
  • details of your experience
  • details of your professional registration
  • any other documents to show us your talents. 

The sooner you can provide us with all the required information, the faster we can begin processing your application. 

Step two

Once you submit your application, we'll begin the credentialing review process. This process takes, on average, two to six weeks to complete. 

Our credentialing team will be in contact if we require additional information or clarification is needed. 

Step three

Once your application review is complete, our credentialing team will email you the results. 

Need help? 

If you need assistance with your credentialing application or want to contact our recruitment team, click here


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