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Trusted by governments, private companies and humanitarian agencies around the world, Aspen Medical knows how vital it is to have access to healthcare when and where it’s needed. From a single paramedic to a fully integrated health solutions, tertiary services and health technology, all backed by the Aspen Medical guarantee of quality, timely, end-to-end care, and the best possible patient outcomes.

Deployed health workforce – primary healthcare services

Our worldwide network of expert medical professionals can deploy wherever you need us, within 72 hours if circumstance demands. Available on short or longer-term contracts, in remote or hostile environments, as part of an integrated solution, or as a stand-alone service, we are embedded into Defence, Government, Humanitarian and private industries worldwide.

Fully integrated deployed health solutions

Integrated health solutions can deploy within 72 hours, with access to tertiary services, integrated with your resources or as a stand-alone solution:

Health Advisory

Connect with a multi-disciplinary team and global network of subject matter experts to access comprehensive advice and guidance on all contemporary health-related fields.

Humanitarian and Disaster Response

Design and development of solutions quickly, with the ability to deliver them in even the most remote and challenging locations.

Health Technology

Development and distribution of innovative technology products to support our delivery of world-class healthcare, including virtual and tele-health, apps and wearable devices.

Health Infrastructure and Logistics

End-to-end health infrastructure for any project, covering the design and construction of hospitals and medical facilities.

Health Administration

Design and implementation of health delivery models to meet surge fulfilment or long-term clinical requirements for clients ranging from governments to standalone private clinics.


World-class and innovative training spanning healthcare and first-aid, or tailor-made courses to suit your organisational requirements.

Medical Supplies and Manufacturing

Access to an assured supplier network and global freight distribution service, or our in-house medical manufacturing capability to respond to any requirement.

Occupational and Workplace Health

Employment and travel medicals, corporate immunisation programs, drug and alcohol testing, toolbox meetings, and well-being services tailored to your needs

Aero-Medical Retrievals

Aero-medical and land-based retrieval solutions to transport patients from the most challenging locations with dedicated enroute patient care.

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We operate across Australia, the UK and Europe, the Middle East, North America, Africa, Asia and the Indo-Pacific region, and employ a workforce of dedicated, experienced and highly trained professionals.

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