Integrated, collaborative health advice that meets your business needs.

Aspen Medical Advisory Services provides highly credentialed experts to a wide range of local and international clients. Our experienced team members are practicing leaders in their fields at senior and executive levels. Teaming with Advisory Services offers our clients access to an unrivalled suite of multidisciplinary skillsets.

Our strength is in providing health services to industries who are seeking to improve or expand their health services, creating new opportunities for growth and sustainability. 

Advisory Services’ offerings include:

Company/business health risk assessments

Assessment types include Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Occupational Health and Environment (OH&E), psychosocial safety, workplace health and wellness, biological monitoring, chemical exposure, Infection Prevention Control (IPC), functional hazards and pandemic planning.

Capability improvement programs

Designing learning and development programs to support health and non-health businesses. Ranging from development of overarching clinical strategy and clinical governance frameworks to training needs analysis, implementation of learning management systems, identifying training pathways, training design and quality improvement processes and practices.

Clinical advisory teams

We can complement existing clinical advisors with multidisciplinary team members who lead their fields of practice across a broad range of specialities.

Air quality and building health

Support with identifying and managing air quality health hazards within buildings, including ventilation, integrated building design and maintenance.

Specialist panel support

Provision of panel members to organisations requiring clinical governance and assurance on health matters.

Health financial mechanisms

Establishing appropriate funding mechanisms to support public and private health outcomes.

CMO on retainer

A 24/7 service that provides a medical advisor on demand and contributes to quality improvement for identified issues on a proactive basis (subject to preconditions being assessed).

Health audit and review

Supporting audits of existing health plans, policies and practices. Recommendations for improvement and development of implementation plans for standard compliance and clinical credentialling.

Government engagement

Supporting governments when developing or transforming national health policy, strategy and standards. Our team has worked at both jurisdictional and country levels.

Health policy advice

Providing intergovernmental policy advice across Australia, the Middle East, East Asia and Africa.

Scoping studies for hospitals

Supporting private and public hospitals in developing feasibility studies across various programs of development. This includes strategy development, clinical service functional briefs, integrated care models and hospital design.

Health workforce matters

Supporting businesses with their broader workforce health matters, including mental wellness and environmental health risks. This can also include working from home, contractor management and workforce development plans for health service providers.

Health services design, improvement and evaluation

Supporting baseline health assessments and establishing plans for future health services development.

Health system development and improvement

Supporting governments in establishing and improving safe and high-quality care systems for varying populations and geographic settings.

Value management facilitation

Making value decisions is challenging in complex, multidisciplinary organisations; priorities and interdependencies need to be carefully considered and understood at various stages in change management. This process enables a collective view and agreement on the decisions that will support the functional needs that deliver the highest value.

Health risk identification and mitigation

Identifying and mitigating health risks, task analysis and job requirements, establishment of audit tools, monitoring and review of new or arising health concerns, early intervention programs, injury management and workplace rehabilitation.

Regulatory compliance, quality assurance and benchmarking for improvement

Analysis, review and development of documentation to support organisational change and compliance.

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Aspen Medical has been named on the 2023 AFR BOSS Best Places to Work List for the third year in a row

02 June 2023

Aspen Medical was honoured to be recognised as one of Australia and New Zealand’s Best Places to Work. The prestigious annual list, published by The Australian Financial Review and Boss Magazine, is based on a rigorous assessment process managed by Australia’s leading behavioural science consultancy, Inventium.

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We operate across Australia, the UK and Europe, the Middle East, North America, Africa, Asia and the Indo-Pacific region, and employ a workforce of dedicated, experienced and highly trained professionals.

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