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Aspen Medical works with Humanitarian organisations and NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) to bring essential healthcare services to wherever they are needed following natural disasters or in countries emerging from conflict. Our expertise in delivering healthcare solutions in remote, challenging or under-resourced environments is central to ensuring a successful outcome for our clients and the local population in the affected region. 

We are a member of the expert panel of healthcare providers that form part of Cardno's Australian Civilian Corps Deployment Service (ACCDS). We were contracted by the Australian Government to assist in the emergency response in Papua New Guinea following a Cholera outbreak where we worked alongside the World Health Organisation (WHO) implementing Environmental Health programs.

In the US we support the work of the Department of Defense Center for Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance (COE-DMHA). COE-DMHA offers courses in a number of areas to improve civil-military coordination and humanitarian assistance/disaster management capacity. Through Defence contractor CACI we provide health professionals who in turn provide clinical and health-related input for the various mission areas of the COE-DMHA.  In addition we provide program management and Subject Matter Experts (SME) for those projects that require it.