Positions Vacant

Below are the current vacancies and requests for expressions of interest across Aspen Medical or specifically within Defence On-Base Health Services (DOHS) depending on the search criteria chosen above. If your profession is not listed below then we are not currently taking applications. Please continue to check the website for future vacancies.

Job Title Location Sector
Care of Battle Casualty (CBC) Instructor International
Occupational Health Nurses map New South Wales (NSW)
Aero-Medical Evacuation (AME) Doctors Expressions Of Interest (EOI) Various
Locum Nursing Opportunities available in Western Sydney Expressions Of Interest (EOI)
Locum Medical Officer Opportunities available in Queensland Expressions Of Interest (EOI)
General Practitioner map Western Australia (WA) Various
Intensive Care Paramedic Expressions Of Interest (EOI) Various, Mining & Resources, Oil & Gas, Humanitarian
Nurse Practitioner map Victoria (VIC), Western Australia (WA), Queensland (QLD) Various, Oil & Gas
Neonatologist Iraq Humanitarian
Obstetrician Iraq Humanitarian
Emergency Physician Iraq Humanitarian
Trauma Surgeon Iraq Humanitarian
Anaesthetist Iraq Humanitarian
Audiologist Expressions Of Interest (EOI)
RN Midwives Expressions Of Interest (EOI)
GP Anaesthetists Expressions Of Interest (EOI)
Aero-Medical Evacuation (AME) Doctors map Western Australia (WA)
Remote Maritime Doctors Expressions Of Interest (EOI)
Emergency Nurse Practitioners map Surat Basin Mining & Resources