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Indigenous, Rural & Remote Health

Aspen Medical is a global leader in the provision of healthcare services in Indigenous, rural and remote communities. We have unparalleled experience in developing solutions and delivering best-in-class healthcare and dental services where traditional models of care are not available or are inappropriate.

Our extensive experience includes deploying mobile solutions into remote and rural locations to support local populations. Our remote healthcare Primary Healthcare and Dental Health models can be used to supplement and support local Government infrastructure and local programs, thereby ensuring consistency and flexibility in meeting the specific demands of communities in need.

We have partnered with both the Federal Government and State Governments across Australia to deliver tailored medical and dental solutions such as the Rural Locum Assistance Program (Rural LAP) and the Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC). We have also partnered with them to enhance existing infrastructure including hospital improvement initiatives in regional areas.

What We Can do
  • Provide qualified and credentialed health professionals
  • Arrange accommodation and transportation to remote and rural areas
  • Deliver healthcare services with cultural awareness
  • Project Management
  • Medical equipment
  • Transportation
  • Consumables