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Environmental & Public Health

At Aspen Medical we understand the importance of creating and maintaining environments which promote good public health. These services are fundamental in limiting the spread of disease. However, in remote, challenging or under-resourced areas, environmental health services maybe non-existent or limited. We have extensive experience in designing and delivering environmental and public health programs globally for both government and non-government clients. 

Our experience is that clients have chosen to introduce Environmental Health Services as a form of active prevention. We can provide a range of preventative medicine-based programs and consultations across a wide variety of public health areas whilst providing our clients with a holistic health support service. We specialise in providing a broad spectrum of environmental and public health services such as water quality monitoring, pest and vector-borne disease management (the management and implementation of integrated mosquito control programs), food safety and quality assurance monitoring and local community health services (including capacity building, health testing and monitoring).

Superior project management skills and a world-class team ensure that our clients' objectives will be met. 

What We Can do
  • Environmental Hazards Management e.g. Asbestos
  • Environmental Risk Assessment 
  • Communicable disease outbreak investigation and prevention programs and infection control
  • Health promotion and education
  • Dangerous goods safety management 
  • Disaster response and recovery
  • Pest and vector-borne disease control
  • Water quality testing and reporting
  • Food quality testing and reporting
  • Hygiene assessment