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Sierra Leone's First Lady officially opens the Aspen Medical clinic

9 February 2016

The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Mrs Sia Nyama Koroma, offically opened the Aspen Medical clinic in Monrovia on 02 February 2016 and commends the company for building much needed medical capacity. 

5 February 2016

AWOKO : As Aspen Medical opens…Dr. C.T.H Bell resigns after 45 yrs practice

31 December 2015

PARTYLINE : Tackling trachoma on World Sight Day

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Mobile Surgical Unit in place at NSW hospital

15 January 2016

Our Mobile Surgical Unit (MSU) has been deployed to the South Coast of NSW. The MSU will allow Moruya District Hospital to continue serving the local population whilst its operating theatre is being refurbished.

14 December 2015

Aspen Medical wins contract to continue providing aero-medical evacuation services to the resources sector in WA

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7 December 2015

AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW : Aspen Medical's bottom line boosted by front line roles

1 December 2015

CANBERRA TIMES : Aspen Medical wins tender to provide Indigenous health care


Making progress in closing the gap in Indigenous eye health

27 November 2015

The 2015 Annual Update on the Implementation of the Roadmap to Close the Gap for Vision and the new 'Check Today, See Tomorrow' Diabetes Eye Care Resources launched in Canberra.

25 November 2015

BRW : From frontline to bottom line: how Aspen Medical made a $300m business sending medics where they’re needed most


Aspen Medical wins remote Indigenous health contract

23 November 2015

Following a lengthy and competitive tender process, Aspen Medical has won the contract to place urban-based doctors, nurses, oral and allied health professionals on short-term placements in the Northern Territory.


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