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We're supporting a historic collaboration between the ADF and Sydney Theatre Company

Aspen Medical is delighted to be supporting a ground-breaking collaboration between the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Sydney Theatre Company. The result is an inspiring exploration of the first-hand experiences of army personnel and the power of theatre to change lives.

The Long Way Home reflects the ADF’s recent experiences on operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor as well as humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

This powerful piece by director Stephen Rayne and multi-award winning writer Daniel Keene will see military personnel who are recovering from physical and psychological injuries perform alongside professional actors as part of a broader rehabilitation program.

The cast consists of 13 members of the ADF who have been wounded, injured or become ill whilst on operations or during service. These injuries have left the individuals with varying degrees of physical impairment and chronic pain. 

According to Craig Fitzgerald, Aspen’s GM – Overseas Operations and Director of CSR, “Aspen has a long and established relationship with the ADF. We have supported the ADF on operations in the Solomon Islands and East Timor with a comprehensive healthcare solution. We continue to provide Care Of Battlefield Casualties first aid training in the Middle East to all personnel deploying into Afghanistan. In Australia, as a subcontractor to Medibank Health Solutions, we provide On-Base healthcare services at 52 sites across the country. We are delighted to be supporting The Long Way Home by providing a full-time physiotherapist for the duration of the National Tour."

For more information on the national tour click here.

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