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A new look for the next 10 years

‘Do we really need to do this?’ - That is the question that is usually on the lips of any Marketing person when the word ‘re-brand’ is mentioned.  Not because of the tremendous excitement and challenge of changing a brand but the fear and trepidation associated with work that is all-consuming and, at times, deeply frustrating!

First and foremost a brand is not a logo.  That’s the starting point.  The brand is everything that logo stands for, the images we use, the words we use, the culture and more.  The best way to explain it is to look at a well-known brand such as McDonald’s. If you were to stick a McDonald’s logo onto an aircraft do you think you’d know what to expect when you got inside the cabin?  What types of fares would they charge?  Would it be clean?

In our case we decided that the website and marketing literature needed to better reflect where we are and are heading.  Images of our team actually in the field says ‘we belong here in Oil & Gas’, ‘we know about providing healthcare in Mining’, ‘we work as a team with our Defence personnel’.  The grey in our logo had become a little too dominant across our literature so we have toned that back across all communications.  Think ‘health’ and dark grey doesn’t really come into it.

This newsletter and the website are the first manifestations of the new look.  Bright, white, blue, fresh, healthy! We have also used some additional colours to ‘lift’ certain sections of the business and to run alongside the core of blue, white and a new lighter grey. We choose a light green for HR and red for our Business Development side. 

Our tagline, ‘Wherever we’re needed’ always appeared in the same space as the logo.  Going forward it will still be used but used on its own to reinforce the message.

Over the coming weeks and months you’ll see the changes roll-out on business cards, email sign-offs, literature (internal and external), vehicles etc. It doesn’t happen all in one go.

 So, if you are involved in the ordering of any new items please consult with the Marketing & Communications team to take guidance on whether you order a small supply to tide you over of if the new branding can be applied in a timely fashion to meet your deadlines.

We hope you like the new Aspen look and if you have any questions about the new branding - why, how or what….contact our Marketing & Communications team by clicking here.