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Human Factors

Human factors are the psychological, social, physical, biological and safety characteristics of a user and the system the user is functioning within that can contribute to incidents.

Individual factors                                

  • fatigue
  • stress
  • rushed
  • distraction
  • inexperience

Team factors

  • conflicting team goals
  • lack of respect for colleagues
  • poor delegation
  • absence of feedback

Task characteristics

  • unfamiliar task
  • difficult task
  • monotonous task

Workload and staffing issues

  • high customer demand
  • insufficient staff


Clinical Case Study

As a result of his personal experience, Martin Bromley founded the Clinical Human Factors Group in 2007. This group brings together experts, clinicians and enthusiasts who have an interest in placing the understanding of human factors at the heart of improving patient safety. Martin an airline pilot, lost his wife during an appaerntly routine operation and he sets out to apply the way aviation deals with an incident and how it can be applied in the medical world. 


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