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A decade providing healthcare support to AFP and ADF personnel in Solomon Islands


Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI)

"[The patient] has personally expressed to me his gratitude, specifically commenting on the efficiency of the medical evacuation, and the high standard of treatment provided by Aspen medics during his evacuation at the Aspen facility."

High Commissioner, Solomon Islands


The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) is a partnership between the people and Government of Solomon Islands and fifteen countries of the Pacific.

RAMSI arrived in Solomon Islands in July 2003 at the request of the Solomon Islands Government. Since then, much has been achieved and Solomon Islands is continuing on its path to recovery.

The Australian Government is providing a range of support services to restore law and order to the Solomon Islands. This support covers military, policing and other Government aid.  Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel are currently based in Solomon Islands as part of RAMSI.

Since 2004, Aspen Medical has been contracted to provide medical and dental services to RAMSI personnel and other Australian Government employees based in Solomon Islands.  

Aspen Medical’s facility is located at a military-style base, called the Guadalcanal Beach Resort (GBR).  The medical facility consists of four buildings which include a 10-bed ward, pharmacy, primary healthcare services, dental service, pathology service, resuscitation bays, environmental health, administration offices and store facilities.

We have also deployed a mobile surgical unit with radiology, an operating room and an intensive care/recovery unit. 


  • Remote, challenging and under-resourced environment
  • High-quality comprehensive medical services required
  • Culturally diverse environment
  • Extremely limited local medical resources