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Aspen Medical contracted by US Government agencies to keep Liberia Ebola-free


Ebola Response in West Africa 


Aspen Medical’s clinical expertise, strict adherence to safety protocols and exhaustive scenario-based training enhanced our confidence in taking on this challenging contract from USAID.

Richard Greene, President of PAE’s Global Logistics and Stability Operations business.



Aspen Medical operated a private clinic in Liberia’s capital Monrovia since early 2014 which provided support to the Monrovian public healthcare system as Ebola took hold across West Africa.

The company was subsequently subcontracted by PAE on behalf of USAID to provide clinical management services to four Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) in Liberia located at Barclayville, Bopolu, Gbediah Town and Zorzor. The ETUs had a combined capacity of 100 beds.

An international team of healthcare professionals and support staff were led by an American team of senior clinicians from Aspen Medical’s US subsidiary.

To date, 10,666 people in Liberia have been infected with Ebola and 4,769 people have died, making it the worst affected country in the region.


  • austere and challenging environment
  • politcally- sensitive 
  • rapid reponse required
  • multi-agency collaboration