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....and a partridge in a pear tree!

Here are just some of the facts and figures that made 2014 the busiest year ever at Aspen Medical!

  • NAHRLS managed 743 placements
  • The Business Development team responded to tenders using 22 million words on 44,000 pages
  • 120,000 people visited the Group websites
  • We credentialed more than 1200 health professionals
  • 1.4 million hours delivered by DOHS
  • Corporate Services booked 11,000 airline tickets and 30,000 hotel rooms
  • RAHC achieved 676 placements
  • 48,000 transactions were processed by our Finance team
  • The Quality team now oversees almost 3,000 documents
  • We had a 55% improvement on our Lost Time Injuries and a huge 77% improvement in our Near Miss Reporting
  • Around 2,000 procurement orders were placed, processed, unpacked & dispatched by the Procurement Team.
  • We reviewed more than 200 Legal Agreements
  • Our Payroll team processed 36,500 pays
  • Between workplace matching, charitable donations and the Aspen Foundation, Aspen Medical made a $400,000 contribution to various charities and worthy causes in 2014.