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730,000 records created for eHealth. On time and on target.


Department of Health Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (eHealth)


The eHealth record system was rolled out nationally in July 2012, allowing people seeking healthcare in Australia to register for an eHealth record. This was the first step in the development of the eHealth record system which is being built up in carefully managed stages.

An eHealth record is an electronic summary of an individual’s health records. The individual, and their healthcare providers, can access it online whenever it is needed, from anywhere. 

Aspen Medical was sub-contracted by McKinsey to create over 200,000 eHealth records by June 2013.  Our success in delivering this initial outcome resulted in further quarterly targets being set and met.  By the end of 2013, we had set-up 730,000 records, representing 60% off all records nationally.

We deployed up to 350 people around Australia in ‘hot spots’ to encourage the public to set-up their personally controlled electronic health record.  Once the initial information was gathered we set-up the record.


  • Rapid national deployment of a trained workforce
  • Politically-sensitive program
  • High levels of political and media scrutiny