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16,000 Defence personnel and civilians trained to save lives on the battlefield


Implementation of 'Care of Battle Casualties' first aid training for ADF personnel deploying to the Middle East & Central Asia


“Military medicine is certainly evolving.  Previously, first aid courses were just about putting on a bandage, putting on a triangle bandage, putting on a splint, now we integrate the tactical component with the treatment and care of the battle casualty.”

John Walter, Aspen Medical trainer (former Special Operations Command medic, veteran of three tours of Afghanistan) 


Aspen Medical is contracted by the Department of Defence to deliver the ‘Care of Battle Casualties’ first aid training course to all Australian Defence Force personnel and civilians deploying to the Middle East and Central Asia. We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and also accredited in accordance with the VET Quality Framework.   

The ‘Care of Battle Casualties’ training is being undertaken at the Al Minhad Air Base in the United Arab Emirates by Aspen Medical medics with recent combat experience.  We provide this specialist first aid training to the troops and civilians before they are deployed into the field.

The training course is designed for those deployed to adequately provide medical service to their colleagues in the field and stabilise them until an evacuation can be completed.  The aim is to prepare Australian Defence Force personnel and civilians to treat combat casualties under circumstances where they may still be under insurgent fire.


  • Creating an ultra-realistic and comprehensive training environment
  • Remote and challenging environment (extreme temperatures)
  • Covering extensive material in a limited timeframe