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1,000 Health Professionals recruited, credentialed and serving 80,000 Defence personnel within 4 months


Defence On-Base Health Services (DOHS)


In June 2012, Aspen Medical was subcontracted by Medibank Health Solutions to deliver the complete On-Base Health Services to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). This is the outcome of the largest services tender conducted by Joint Health Command (JHC), for the provision of Garrison Health Services to the ADF. This contract requires us to deliver a broad range of multidisciplinary Medical and Allied Health Services to the 80,000 personnel at 52 Defence On-Base Health Facilities around Australia in metropolitan, regional and remote areas. 

The contract involves employing over 1,000 Health Professionals (HPs) from the following craft groups:

  • General Practitioners (GPs)
  • General Practitioner Trainers
  • Aviation (AVMO) and Underwater Medical Specialists (MOUM)
  • Mental Health Clinicians (Psychologists and Mental Health Nurses)
  • Allied Health Professionals (Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Exercise Therapists)
  • Nurses (Nurse Coordinators, RNs, EENs, ENs and Theatre);
  • Dental Professionals and Support Staff (Dentists, Hygienists, Sterilisation Technicians and Dental Assistants);
  • Health Administration
  • Quality Managers

Transition period for contract handover was 18 weeks. Within this timeframe, we had to recruit and credential over 800 full-time equivalent staff.  In addition during this transition period, each HP commenced induction training and security vetting processes.  On the 5th November 2012 we assumed the delivery responsibilities for On-Base Health Services and successfully transitioned the 52 sites on the same day.


  • Time sensitive
  • Remote and rural locations